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September 01, 2021 2 min read

"Beyond Bricks & Bars: Trans and Gender Diverse Decarceration Project is a peer-led, community project that provides direct support to trans and gender diverse people in prison, at risk of incarceration and those returning to their communities from prison. It has been operating for close to three years on a voluntary, unfunded basis. Now, we need the community to rally for its sustainability." 

One of Nikki Darling's values is to give back to marginalised communities. It is often these communities who have held me and my business up over the years, and I believe that responsible business ownership necessitates giving back. With that in mind, Nikki Darling will be donating 10% of sales during September to Beyond Bricks & Bars. 

If you are able to support this cause directly, I strongly encourage you to do so. But if you were planning to buy a new toy or restock on lube, I want you to know that 10% of the sale will be donated to this project so they can do this vitally important work for trans and gender diverse people. 

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"Beyond Bricks & Bars believes that everyone deserves to have their community in their corner when they’re going through the hardest period of their lives. For thousands of people in our communities, that period involves criminalisation and incarceration. We believe that by supporting our trans and gender diverse friends and neighbours who are in prison, trying to stay out of prison and to get back on track and rebuild their lives, we can create stronger and kinder communities for generations to come.

This grassroots fundraising drive is to maintain and increase the support Beyond Bricks & Bars provides trans and gender diverse people who are in prison, at risk of criminalisation, or as they find their feet after a period of incarceration.

Currently in Victoria, there are no specialised community supports for trans and gender diverse people in prison or at risk of incarceration other than this project.

The money raised will facilitate the employment of a part-time social worker, which will mean that support of and for our friends and neighbours caught up in the system is funded, sustainable and provided by community in their corner.

If we can secure this seed funding, we will also have the opportunity to seek out long-term resources to keep this vital work available for those who need it now and into the future."

If you would like to learn more about this project, visit the Beyond Bricks & Bars fundraising page at Chuffed.com. I really appreciate any support you can provide - whether it be donating or sharing this link and info amongst your peers. 

xo Lauren

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