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June 01, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

One of the core values of my business has always been to Give Back. 

Traditionally, Nikki Darling has predominantly done this with in-kind support - I provide prizes to help with fundraising efforts, as well as keeping communities safe by providing free condoms, dams and lube for events. During our lockdown, there were less groups knocking at my virtual door for support, but increased needs from some of the most marginalised members of society, and so last month, I pledged and donated 10% of my profits to the Emergency Support Fund for Sex Workers in Australia

This month, I will be doing the same for National Justice Project - a not-for-profit legal service that is committed to changing our unjust society through court work, research, training and strategic advocacy. They provide representation for folk who wouldn't otherwise be able to access it, and they receive no government funding. Their ultimate goal is to create a more equitable society and fairer societal systems for First Nations peoples and others in need. 

I have been horrified, as I am sure we all have, at the racist and violent brutality occurring in the United States. But I am also troubled by the number of folk right here in so-called Australia who seem to believe that we are somehow immune from racial injustice, that racism here is over, or that "our cops" wouldn't behave like that. The reality is that racism flourishes here - it began with white invasion and it hasn't ever ended.

There have been hundreds of Black deaths in custody, but there has been no convictions - no justice. First Nations people are vastly over-represented in our prison system. We hold refugees in detention indefinitely. We keep people locked up even as COVID-19 threatens to spread to these overcrowded and poorly sanitised facilities, such is the blatant disregard for humanity here. 

I believe it is important to listen to and amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, which I try to do through the social media platforms I have and I commit to doing more of. I also believe it is vitally important to financially contribute (within your means) to organisations like the National Justice Project, Sisters Inside and your state's Aboriginal Legal Services.

You can always donate directly, and I would encourage you to do so, but please also know that all sales made online at Nikki Darling this month will be supporting the National Justice Project and the excellent work they do. 

Let's work together to fight the power.

xo Lauren

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