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March 15, 2021 2 min read

While many people enjoy watching porn while masturbating, you may not always be in the mood for full-on visual stimulation. In recent years there has been a big rise in audio erotica as an alternative way to explore fantasies – here are some of the different kinds of audio on offer to enhance your experience:

Sexy Stories

Much like an audio book, a lot of audio erotica functions as a narrative journey for the listener – told by performers with sultry voices to get you deeper into the mood. There’s lots of variety out there – the Dipsea app has a huge library of scenarios to choose from, from ‘holiday’ to ‘yoga teacher’, as well as gender-neutral options.

Guided Masturbation

Guided masturbation (or ‘Jerk Off Instructions/JOI’) audio takes a more direct approach – actively creating a scenario that places you, the listener, right in the action, and telling you how to touch yourself as you imagine the talker touching you. It’s a great way to explore new ways of self-touch and shake up your masturbation style a bit, plus there’s the added bonus of having the narrator’s voice telling you just how they’re giving you pleasure. Ferly have a great selection (generally geared towards people with vulvas); you can also find lots of JOI videos on performer-created porn sites like ManyVids.

Overheard Experiences

Some audio erotica takes an aural fly-on-the-wall approach, allowing the user to listen in on solo masturbation or couple sex. These are different in that you can hear the speaker (or speakers) climaxing themselves and can be used as a kind of mutual masturbation or voyeur experience. Audio erotica website Quinn has an entire ‘Overheard’ section.

BDSM exploration

If you’re curious about BDSM, a great way to explore kinks is by listening to specific scenarios being played out – either as a third-person story or a guided fantasy placing you in the submissive role. Girl on the Net has a great selection, including some created by trans sex blogger On Queer Street.


Often, the sexiest thing is our own imagination. You can commission your own directly through porn performers via sites like OnlyFans (an incredibly popular platform for creators of all kinds). You can ask for a certain scenario, and JOI, even write a full script if you want it to be super specific. It’s a great way to explore your own desires more deeply and design your perfect audio experience. Lie back, close your eyes, and take yourself on a journey – you’ll be surprised how effective it can be.

- R.T. Collins 

R.T. Collins (aka Disco) is a writer, sex educator and body positivity advocate. See more of their work on Medium and follow them on Twitter@DiscoWrites.

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