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April 27, 2020 2 min read

This is an uncertain time for us all, but some are faring better than others when it comes to being able to work and generate an income. Of course, those of us who work in goods can still operate, whereas service-based businesses are in more precarious situations. And when it comes to services in the sex industry during COVID-19? Sex workers are being hit hard. 

Sex work is freelance work. This means there is no employer paying money into a super account for you, there is no sick pay or holiday pay, and accessing benefits is hard - much harder than our government is making it look. A lot of sex workers are really struggling financially right now - they are among our most marginalised community members and their work is criminalised to a higher degree than most. 

Those of us who work in the sex industry selling goods are intimately linked to those who sell services. I've never understood sex shops that want to distance themselves from our service-providing colleagues - it's misguided and whorephobic - we are all in this together! And that should be as true during regular times as it is during pandemic times, which is why I offer free safer sex supplies and standing discounts for sex workers, as well as sponsoring sex worker-led orgs and events where I can. However, more is needed right now.

So something more I can do is promote this fundraiser, organised by Scarlet Alliance (the national peer org for sex workers in Australia) in collaboration with state-based peer orgs, that is raising emergency funds for sex workers. These funds will go directly to sex workers who are experiencing hardship at this time and who need assistance to make sure bills and rent get paid and food gets on the table.

If you can, I really encourage you to donate directly to this fundraiser. You can donate directly on Chuffed.org. It would also be great to see this fundraiser being shared on social media - so please share the link with your friends and family.

Nikki Darling will also be donating to this fund. I am pledging to support sex workers by donating 10% of Nikki Darling's profits this May to the Emergency Support Fund for Sex Workers in Australia.

As always, my inbox is open. If you have questions or want to know more about how you can support this fundraiser, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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