by Lauren Clair April 20, 2020

It's a weird time. There is no way around that. But, we all already know that, right? We're all feeling the weirdness play out in myriad ways - from the disruption to routine, the yearning for touch, the odd dreams (anyone else suddenly dreaming about being in big crowds a lot?)

But I digress, this post is not to talk about the weirdness, but to talk about what Nikki Darling is changing in response to this pandemic.

Traditionally, there have been some listings in the online store that allow you to purchase an item that is not yet physically with Nikki Darling. This happens infrequently, but when it does happen it is because the stock is in transit to Nikki Darling or can be ordered on-demand from a local distributor. I have always been able to fulfil orders within the standard two business day time frame this way. 

However, I did not anticipate a pandemic. Nor did I anticipate the postal system descending into total chaos in response to the pandemic! 

I know how frustrating it is to go through the process of placing an online order only to have it not move for days, or even weeks. So I have had to think about how to work around these limitations, while we allow Australia Post to get back on top of the parcel influx!

To address this issue, I am adjusting the online store's ability to 'oversell' some items, and am placing big bold notices of delays on products that are stuck in transit to me. This should help y'all to make informed purchasing decisions from Nikki Darling, which is what I strive for!

I am working hard to make sure the Nikki D store is fully stocked, but if something is listed as out of stock and you wanna get more info - please feel free to contact me for an ETA or to request a pre-order invoice! 

To stay updated on all things COVID-19 and Nikki Darling, I have created a static page that you can bookmark or return to for the latest news. 

As a small Australian business, whenever you choose to shop with me instead of one of the megamarts or overseas stores, I feel all the love, and I really, truly value every single transaction. 

Thank you to my amazing customers who have been so loving and understanding at this time. Every email with kind thoughts, all the nice order notes, your patience with your deliveries - you are all gems and I really appreciate you. 

xo Lauren


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