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Nexus Anal Starter Kit

The Nexus Anal Starter Kit is perfect for beginners who are keen for anal play but unsure about size options. Work your way up through the graduating kit of three solid silicone butt plugs, taking your time getting familiar with the deliciously full feeling and added stimulation that wearing a curvy plug like this provides.

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For beginners.

Each of these plugs is made from silky smooth silicone and anatomically shaped to fit comfortably for people of all genders, and those with a prostate may find an added level of stimulation provided by the curved head of the toy.


  • Accessibility Notes: Hands-free
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Packaging: Cardboard, Plastic
  • Gender: No gendered language on packaging or in manual
  • Style: Firm with flex
  • Volume: Silent
  • Size: 69.85 mm (2.75 in) total length, 60.96 mm (2.4 in) insertable length, 19 mm (.75 in) width at widest point (Small), 86.4 mm (3.4 in) total length, 82.55 mm (3.25 in) insertable length, 27.9 mm (1.1 in) width at widest point (Medium), 99 mm (3.9 in) total length, 82.55 mm (3.25 in) insertable length, 31.75 mm (1.25 in) width at widest point (Large)
  • Weight: 24 g, 46 g, 77 g
  • Lubricant Compatibility: Water-Based, Oil-Based
  • Manufacturer: Nexus
  • Designed: United Kingdom
  • Manufactured: United Kingdom
  • Points of Interest: Waterproof, Wearable
  • Disposal: General Waste, Re-home (donate or give to a mate)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: One Year. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • Cleaning and Care: Unscented soap and water or high quality toy cleaner. For more detailed cleaning advice see Care and Cleaning Guides