"We got condoms, got our lube, we know how to use 'em, how 'bout you?" - Pansy Division

Lubricant can really help level up your sexual health and pleasure practices. Sex feels great when our bodies are adequately lubricated, and we can't always rely on our body's natural lubrication to get the job done. Lube helps to prevent friction and dryness, which in turn helps prevent micro-tears and abrasions. And it's especially important for sex with areas of the body that are not naturally lubricating themselves!

We have a small, carefully selected range of bodysafe, vegan-friendly lubricants made from high quality ingredients. Whether you like extra-slick silicone lube or all natural ingredients, we have a personal lubricant to meet your needs. If you are buying lube for the first time and aren't sure where to start, why not check out our lubricants guide? Otherwise, dive on in!

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