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Joque Harness

The greatest harness ever.

The Joque is the first and the original harness from SpareParts HardWear. Beautifully hand-crafted using high quality materials, this harness has been created to last. Joque is a jockey two-strap style harness which has been designed with comfort, quality, flexibility and fun in mind. Versatile and lightweight, it is the only harness you will ever need!

The elastic O-ring is stretchable making it suitable for a variety of different dildos and attachments that works with both single and double dildos, so every use can be a new experience. The simplicity of the O-ring means it’s easy to switch dildos, even during play. The new Joque now also has two internal mini vibe pockets (vibes not included) one above and one below the O-ring. This improved design allows for extra vibration stimulation of your toy, as well for the wearer as for the receiver.

For those of you who like packing, the Joque is the perfect harness to pack since it is comfortable, lightweight with breathable fabric making it suitable to wear for extended periods of time!

Bullet/Small Vibrator CompatibleStorage Bag Included with Purchase100% Vegan100% Waterproof (Submersible)

    1. Size: A and B (see sizing tab for details)
    2. Materials: Nylon, Spandex, Velcro
    3. Style: Soft and strappy!
    4. Functions: 
    5. Volume: Silent
    6. Weight: 
    7. Power Source: N/A
    8. Manufacturer: SpareParts HardWear
    9. Origin: USA
    10. Points of Interest: Comfortable design, can be worn under clothing
    11. Manufacturer Warranty: One Year
    12. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • We know how exciting it is to get your brand new product, but please take a moment to inspect your product for any manufacturing defects or faults, and then give it a quick clean before you get down.

    This is a fabric product with no removable components.

    To clean this product in a way that increases its longevity, please hand wash with soapy, warm water. Ensure the product is well rinsed and dried afterwards! Some items may be machine washable - please refer to manufacturer instructions if you wish to machine wash this product.

    To safely store this product, select a storage area that is out of harm’s way (pets can mistake your sex toys as their toys!)

    Please note: Manufacturers may have specific cleaning and care instructions. Take the time to read any supporting material provided by the manufacturer and follow their instructions to ensure the product is protected under warranty.

  • For full sizing and measurement information, please see our full sizing guide.



    SIZE A
    20 - 50 inches
    50.8 - 127 cm
    10 - 16 inches
    25.4 - 40.64 cm
    1.25 - 2 inches
    3.17 - 5.08 cm
    3.92 - 6.28 inches
    9.97 - 15.95 cm

    SIZE B
    35 - 65 inches
    88.9 - 165 cm
    14 - 24 inches
    35.56 - 60.96 cm
    1.25 - 2 inches
    3.17 - 5.08 cm
    3.92 - 6.28 inches
    9.97 - 15.95 cm
  • SpareParts are known for creating super sturdy, super durable fabric harnesses and other sex accessories. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, SpareParts were inspired by the lack of variation in available harnesses on the market. They wanted to create harnesses that were not only functional, but also beautiful, and available for people of all sizes. We love their inclusive approach to sex and pleasure, and think their handcrafted harnesses are second to none. We are proud to stock SpareParts Hardwear in Australia.

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