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  • Let us stress this: you don't need to douche to have anal sex. Having said that, there are reasons why you might want to, and so we are pleased to carry the the Nexus Douche. Nexus are known for their quality anal products, so it isn't surprising that they have a really simple, effective and bodysafe douche in their range. 

    Formed from high quality rubber and ABS body safe plastic, the Nexus Douche provides a safe and effective way to keep anal sex lovers clean and ready for exploring. One step insertion and maximum cleansing makes this a sleek looking, lightweight and easy-to-use unit, that is small enough to take with you travelling.


    1. Size: Nozzle Dimensions - 55mm x 5mm (2.16” x .2”), Bulb capacity - 224ml (7.57 fl oz.)
    2. Materials: ABS plastic nozzle, rubber bulb.
    3. Style: Soft rubber bulb, bodysafe hard ABS plastic nozzle.
    4. Manufacturer: Nexus.
    5. Origin: Designed and manufactured in London.
    6. Other details: Reusable.
    7. Warranty: Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law.
  • To use: simply remove the tip, fill with water, insert and squeeze the bulb for maximum cleansing or pleasure.

  • Manufacturer info coming soon.

  • Video coming soon.

Type: hygiene

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