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About Us

who is nikki darling

Welcome to Nikki Darling: Australia's first gender-free sexual health and pleasure store.

Founded by Lauren Clair in 2015 with the belief that sex toys are for every body and pleasure is a human right, Nikki Darling is all about creating spaces that are fun, approachable and safe for you to learn more about sexual health and pleasure. 

We don't subscribe to traditional sales tactics. We strive for a non-prescriptive approach to sex and pleasure. By maintaining a strong focus on empathy, education and individualised support, we can help you find the right resources to meet your individual needs.

Nikki Darling works closely with other sex educators and experts to deliver a quality service and trustworthy product range, and are proud to support a diverse range of community events and organisations around Naarm / Melbourne, Australia.

Online, we have a carefully curated range of quality sexual health essentials, sex toys, pleasure products and more for you to choose from. We invite you to contact us with any questions you have about our product range, our ethos or anything else! 

who is lauren clair

Hi, I’m Lauren Clair. I am the founder and director of Nikki Darling. I am also a sex-positive educator and pleasure activist.

I began my professional sex journey in my twenties working as a phone sex operator and sex toy reviewer, and my enthusiasm for gaining knowledge and experience has only grown from there. I previously managed one of Melbourne's leading independent adult stores before leaving to pursue my dream of opening Australia's very first non-gendered sexual health and pleasure retail business - Nikki Darling!

I am a sex toy expert and collector, and I genuinely enjoy helping people find the
right tools for the job. Through speaking with countless numbers of people about their intimate lives, I have developed a heightened sense of compassion and empathy around sex. Part of my work is helping people unlearn the harmful ideas they received about sex and pleasure in their formative years and it is through this work that I have become a staunch supporter of sex education reform in Australia.

I always carry condoms and lube on me, and encourage you to do the same!