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Core Values

We pride ourselves on standing apart from the pack and doing things our way without apology. We do this by adhering to our core values. These eight core values were developed during the formation of the business and then refined across our first two years of operating. These values reflect the beliefs and ethics held by Nikki Darling and are at the heart of both how we do business and who we do business with. 

Education is the Way Forward

We believe that there is a never-ending wealth of information to absorb and understand when it comes to sex. We are always learning and growing and we enjoy passing along our knowledge to our customers, and at the same time learning from them. We would never be so arrogant as to presume we know everything. We support the implementation of a nationwide pleasure-focused sex-positive curriculum in our schools with age-appropriate lessons from primary through to secondary schooling, and we support sex and consent learning opportunities in tertiary education settings. 

We Are All Different

It sounds like a cliche, but no two people are exactly alike. We have each arrived at where we are now with a unique mix of experience, environment, culture, upbringing and perspective. Our bodies are different and so are our minds, and this is the basis from which we provide our service. Individualised support and advice for each unique human we encounter. We recognise that the relationship people have with sex and bodies is complex, and we try to honour that complexity and hold space for it.

Accessibility is Key

Our tagline is ‘sex toys for every body’ and we mean it! Whether you have a physical disability, mobility issues or other considerations, we want you to know that there are toys that can be utilised well by you or your partner/s - most toys can be safely used for stimulation in ways not listed by manufacturers. Nikki Darling events are designed with accessibility in mind - from venue location and access to public transport to venue bathrooms, scent and lighting considerations to seating size - we consider all facets of our venue choice to ensure we are working towards true accessibility. We accept Companion Cards at all of our events. 

Sales Targets are Overrated

Look, we get it. We’re still a business and so naturally, we need to make sales to cover our costs - that much is true. But we’re not interested in making more than we need to, and we’re not interested in harassing our customers for profit. If we enthuse about something, we are genuinely enthused, not looking to make a quick buck. We’re as anti-capitalist as a for-profit business can be, basically. We’re also not going to sell you lies and false promises, and we’re not interested in disrupting or synergising or any other buzzwords. We’re just here to be real with you and have good, frank conversations about sex.

Giving Back is Necessary

We have supported a number of events and organisations since our inception and will continue to do so - we favour small, independent, local businesses and organisations, and particularly focus on supporting minority groups. We’ve sponsored feminist organisations, women’s sports teams, trans fundraisers, events by and for POC and LGBTQI+ folk and homeless/refugee organisations because these people are doing important work in the community and we all benefit from improving the lives of marginalised people.

Remain Independent

We will never sell out. We will never sell our business and we have no interest in taking on investors with only dollar signs in their eyes. As such, we are free to say and do as we please, and to openly support and champion our marginalised communities, without interference from conservative, corporate control or influence. We are a small, independent business and we are fiercely protective of what that means.

Sex Positivity Saves

When we talk about sex positivity, we are not suggesting or expecting that people be always positive about sex. Most of us have a far more complex relationship to sex, and we hold space for those who do not come to sex and sexuality easily or without pain. Human sexuality is diverse, non-linear and non-static, and our sex positivity is about meeting people where they are at. Sex positivity recognises that the world is not yet sex-positive; we experience external influences such as shame, guilt and pressure. Our sex positivity is not focused on the individual, but is a political, cultural and critical position of sex and society.

Create Joy and Pleasure

You know that old saying, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’? We want to see joy and pleasure in the world - we want sex to be available as a fun, playful experience and we want to help facilitate that change with our products and services. We think buttplugs are cute, we really enjoy sex puns and we derive satisfaction from making someone laugh while they learn about sex, sexuality and themselves. The world can be a hard place to exist in, and we hope that in our very small way, we can make this existence just that little bit more joyful and pleasurable.