Nikki Darling is the name of the business, not a person. Founded by Lauren Clair in 2015 with the belief that sex toys are for every body and pleasure is a human right, you can learn more about Nikki Darling and Lauren on the about us page.

Nikki Darling operates from a private office in Melbourne / Naarm, Australia. We do not currently have a permanent brick and mortar home, although we do 'pop up' around town from time to time. Subscribing to our newsletter is a good way to stay in touch with us in person, otherwise please bookmark our events page and check back often! 

Nikki Darling has road-tested every product we sell. You may notice that Nikki Darling doesn't carry complete product ranges from all manufacturers. This is because we are not willing to back a product that doesn't meet our high standards. We want our customers to feel the reassurance that comes from our carefully curated selection. We’re not into false hope or false hype and we’re not going to promise anything we can not deliver on. Having said that, we also respect our customers may require a product not currently carried by us - here possible, we will do our best to custom order these items at competitive prices for you. Get in touch to discuss custom orders or read more about our core values.

We know how important it is to be able to contact an actual human to assist with your delivery enquiries, give you the 411 about a toy, or help you choose the perfect lubricant! That’s why we are available by email, phone, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to chat with you!

We make sure we give you all the time that you need and are not pushy about sales. 

Please address any written correspondence or parcels (including samples) to:

Nikki Darling
Suite 483

585 Little Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000

You can call us on +61 3 9016 9695, but please note office hours are subject to change and we may not always be immediately available by phone. We recommend contacting us via email ( for a fast response. 

We don’t believe that there are stupid questions when it comes to sexual health and pleasure, so please don't be afraid to ask us anything!

Quite Possibly! We are always open to your sponsorship proposal, and are open to sponsoring community events and organisations. 

To get a feel for the kind of sponsorship we love, have a look at our community support page.

Yes! We are always open to collaboration with art, film and television and other projects. Nikki Darling has a range of modern, retro and vintage sex toys and other products that can be made available for your next project. Please contact us with your proposal.


We believe that gender, sex and sex toy use is more complex than just ‘women and men’, and that manufacturers and retailers often gender products where there is no need to, and this can be a source of confusion and frustration for some people. Knowing your gender doesn’t mean we know a single thing about how you like to fuck or what you are looking for in a sex toy. We prefer to talk about toys in a way that is more accessible to all people, and hopefully this means our language is more descriptive and permissive as a result.

Instead of buying a toy because it is popular, we recommend buying a toy that speaks to you, your body and your individual wants and needs. How do you do that? By speaking with us - Lauren has been helping people choose their perfect sex toy match since 2011 and would love to help you find yours.

Products with specific size requirements (menstrual cups, harnesses, etc) usually have a size guide right on the product page! We also provide a master list on our sizing page, along with other useful sizing information. Please check the size guide carefully and contact us if you are uncertain which is right for you.

That's a great question, and aren't you lucky - we've got a great guide for that! 

The majority of products that we sell are in stock at our warehouse. Occasionally, there may be a stock discrepancy or an item you order may be in transit to us from our local suppliers and a short delay will occur. We will contact you if this happens, and we try to minimise this wherever possible.

Nikki Darling is based in Victoria, Australia. According to state classification laws, we can not sell X-rated or RC material. We invite you to email us if you would like to discuss this further.

Nikki Darling is all about sexual pleasure and education, and have chosen to leave products of this nature to the experts instead of selling something we don’t entirely understand ourselves. We also have reservations about the safety and health impacts of these types of products, and encourage you to look at any available research and make informed decisions.

Nikki Darling is a very small business with limited resources. Whilst we love rewarding you for your loyalty, we have temporarily paused our rewards program while we undertake some maintenance to ensure a smooth, working program moving ahead. Any existing rewards program members will have their outstanding reward points issued in the form of points with a new program or store credit to equal value. We apologise for any hassle this causes!

Shipping and Returns

We ship all domestic orders via Australia Post within 1-2 business days. Shipping is discreet, with no company name or contents description listed. For customs purposes, our orders are listed as 'health and wellness goods' or 'accessories'. For more shipping information, please visit our shipping guidelines page.

Many motor-driven toys in our range are USB-rechargeable. For products that require batteries, many manufacturers choose to include a set of batteries to get you going straight away. This information will be detailed on the product page. For those that do not include batteries, Nikki Darling has chosen not to include extra batteries with purchases by default. We encourage the use of rechargeable batteries, and will always let you know which type of power source your toy uses.

Our exterior packaging is completely discreet. Parcels are sent in cardboard boxes or satchels, depending on the contents of your order.

Where possible, we re-use packaging material from our distributor orders, and we only purchase recycled or recyclable packaging materials to further reduce our environmental footprint. Please note that whilst we may re-use packaging, the toys you receive are brand spanking new, guaranteed. Unlike some other retailers, customer returns are NEVER put back into stock, and frankly we find it horrifying that anyone does this.

Nikki Darling offers complimentary gift wrapping in tasteful natural kraft paper. Just let us know that you want gift wrapping in your order notes. 

Absolutely!  Please ensure you use your own details in the billing and customer information section at the checkout, and then ensure the shipping information include's your gift recipient's name and address.

If you purchase a greeting card with your order, we can fill it out with your custom message (up to 20 words) and include it with the gift wrapped order: gift-giving made easy!

You can always double check the product page, but if you are still in doubt, please contact us and we'll help you solve this!

Nikki Darling has a straightforward and compliant returns policy for the return of faulty items. Detailed instructions can be found on our returns policy page.


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