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Nikki Darling values people over profits, and is committed to increasing sustainability in all facets of our business operations. On this page, you can learn some more about what Nikki Darling is doing to ensure that this business, and this industry, are more sustainable moving forward.


Our Vision

From the brands we work with to the way we ship products to you, from our event sponsorship to our hiring ethics, we are dedicated to making Nikki Darling the best example of a sustainable small business, committed in principle and practice to environmental and human justice.


From Vision to Action

Rehoming and Recycling Program 

Nikki Darling has led the way in Australia for consumers who wish to properly dispose of their used sex toys with the implementation of our Rehome and Recycle Program. 

In 2019, the Victorian state government banned electronic waste (E-Waste) from landfill. This prompted Nikki Darling to undertake research into how our customers could properly dispose of their sex toys that are classified as e-waste, which includes most vibrators, pulsators and more. That same year, Nikki Darling began to accept e-waste for recycling where customers were unable or unwilling to utilise their local council area recycling schemes. 

Most of the e-waste that has been sent to Nikki Darling for recycling are old, broken toys, or toys made from materials that can not be safely shared. Occasionally, a high-quality, working toy is returned. Even more occasionally, a customer will include a note asking that we re-home the product if we can. 

Which led to the formation of our Rehoming service. This is a way for working, bodysafe products that didn't suit someone to find a new home with someone else, facilitated via Nikki Darling. This component of the program is still being developed, but we expect that it will be fully operational later in 2022. 

For further information, please visit our Rehoming and Recycling Program page.

Green Sponsorships

Nikki Darling is often approached for in-kind sponsorship of community and commercial events. Whilst it is in line with Nikki Darling's values to offer sponsorship to community where possible, offering physical products as giveaways and prizes can mean more unwanted goods going out into the world.

This is why Nikki Darling prefers to offer sponsorship in the form of gift vouchers rather than physical products - this not only allows the recipients to select their own goodies, it reduces the risk of more unwanted products ending up in landfill. 

Further, Nikki Darling is discerning when it comes to sponsorship choices, and will only align with events and organisations that share our values, including sustainability. 

Packaging Overhaul Project

Nikki Darling has always been committed to making better choices when it comes to how we package and ship orders. With an increased number of recycled and sustainable packaging options on the market, Nikki Darling has undertaken a review of our packaging, to ensure that we can keep delivery fees low without costing the earth. We are pleased to be able to move to a system that does not use any new plastics. In early 2022, there may still be some orders shipping out using our older packaging, but Nikki Darling has committed to only purchasing recycled/reusable/recyclable packaging going forward.

Our orders go out to you in in either recyclable cardboard boxes or 100% post-consumer recycled and reusable plastic satchels. We affix an FSC-certified and BPA Free, thermal-printed shipping label to the outside of the package. The label meets industrial composting standards*. The packaging tape Nikki Darling uses is a bio-based rubber adhesive film made from at least 90% renewable resources and is certified for industrial composting*.

Inside the package, we only use unbleached, FSC-certified Kraft paper and/or hex wrap to safely wrap your products. Paper tape with natural rubber gum adhesive may be used to secure internal packaging. 

The cards we include with orders are printed with vegetable-based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled card. We are proud to have been using local, small business Print Together for all of our business cards and promotional postcards since 2015. 

Not everyone has a worm bin to feed their satchels to, which is one of the reasons all of Nikki Darling's packaging materials (except labels and packaging tape) are designed to be re-used and are able to be recycled via home recycling or at soft plastic recycling drop off points.

*A note on industrial composting: Recycling and composting facilities in Australia have come a long way in a short time, but still have some way to go. The only parts of your package that are designed to be composted industrially are the labels and the packaging tape, which comprises a very small component of our packaging. Ideally, these components are sent to be industrially composted, but there are not many facilities that offer this service to the public. The labels and tape can be disposed of into landfill, where it will break down quicker than traditional labels and tape. We encourage you to contact your local council regarding industrial composting and your household green waste bin, and asking them to consider implementing a curbside industrial compost collection. 

Brand Choices

Nikki Darling has always preferred to work with manufacturers who share our values, and this is becoming easier to do as more and more manufacturers realise that there is demand for sustainable products and practices. Where possible, we prefer to work with other small and independent businesses, with a preference for local manufacturing and distribution where possible.

We check our manufacturer's credentials to ensure their cruelty-free commitments, and we always let you know as much as we can about the brands we champion. This is why you can find out information about parent companies, manufacturing locations, packaging and more on each product page on our website. 

Office Energy and Consumption

Nikki Darling does not include unnecessary paperwork with your order. All invoices, receipts and returns slips are made available digitally, so they only use paper and ink if you need them to. Likewise, our physical record keeping is minimal to reduce paper, ink and energy consumption. Any excess paper is shredded and composted locally. All plastic ink cartridges, batteries and other consumables are recycled.

If the Nikki Darling office needs something, we do our best to source second-hand furniture and equipment before purchasing something new, and of course we minimise our energy consumption with efficient lighting, heating and cooling. 

Warehouse Energy and Consumption

Much like the Nikki Darling office, our warehouse reduces energy consumption and seeks to re-use anything and everything. Cardboard boxes are rehomed or recycled, packaging materials are re-used for orders where possible. The warehouse is only ever in operational mode (lights on, etc) when being actively used to process orders and undertake other necessary tasks. 

Local Services and Goods

Nikki Darling intentionally seeks out service providers that align with our sustainability goals. Where possible, we choose locally-owned and operated businesses for power, Internet and other e-commerce needs. We also select earth-friendly, locally made cleaning products for office and warehouse, and ensure reusable bottles and glasses are available for staff and visitors.

Don't Stop Improving

Nikki Darling is committed to seeking out and implementing ever-improved sustainability practices across all facets of our business. To achieve this, we have committed to six-monthly reviews of our sustainability practices to see where opportunities for improvement exist, and make sure we are Doing Our Best, always.