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Nikki Darling Workshops are a great opportunity to get a hands-on experience with the products, learn some new sex stuff and have a really great laugh. Think about them like a short course with added shopping, and held in a private bar instead of the classroom.

All participants go home with a Nikki Darling gift bag, stuffed with safer sex supplies, stickers and other goodies, discount vouchers and educational material. 

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    Your Open Relationship Toolkit Workshop - Banner Image | Nikki Darling Australia

    Your Open Relationship Toolkit

    Monday 14 August 2017
    LOOP Project Space & Bar

    What is an open relationship? What does society expect when it comes to relationships? What might non-monogamy look like for you?

    We are often left fumbling in the dark for ways to change the script when it comes to relationships, and it can be really confronting to break out of the mould all on your own. Join Dani as they walk you through those first tentative steps into opening up, in a light-hearted and interactive way.

    Dani knows what it is like to realise that the 'one-person-at-at-time' relationship model may not be the right fit for you! An experienced workshop facilitator, sex-positive event organizer, and well versed in the practice and theory of polyamory, They believe that life is too short to not strive for the relationship(s) that you desire, however we can often rush things, be met with obstacles, and feel like there's no clear pathway to our goals. Dani brings a playful, positive approach to the the thorny issues of jealousy, radical honesty, boundaries and expectations.

    From play parties to polyamory, learn about the different ways non-monogamy is approached, and take the time to reflect on what your perfect relationship landscape may look like. Whether you want to open up an existing relationship or establish new, non-monogamous partnerships, this workshop will help you develop the toolkit you need to be with more than one person at a time.


    Dirty Talk and Role Play

    Monday 11 September 2017
    LOOP Project Space & Bar

    Do you want to explore role play and sexual fantasy with your lover, but don’t know where to start? Does the idea of dirty talk sound sexy, but you feel awkward even thinking about trying? Are you comfortable saying a few sexy words or sharing a sexy dream, but you want to take it to the next level?

    Language and fantasy are immensely powerful tools for turning your partner on, asking for what you want, and in general, having really great sex. But we don’t have great models for what that actually looks like (I’m looking at you romantic movies and mainstream porn).

    Kate and Louise are here to help. They both travel around the world teaching people how to communicate about sex, and in this workshop, they’ll be bringing their signature blend of humour and warmth to this topic.

    They’ll offer practical tips for incorporating hot dirty talk into your routine while minimizing the awkwardness. They’ll give advice on how to explore sexual role playing without feeling like a costume party gone terribly wrong. You’ll leave the workshop with more words, more imagination, and more confidence to upgrade your sex life.

    Our previous workshops with Louise and Kate have sold out, so don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

    All attendees will leave with a Nikki Darling goodie bag full of safer sex and pleasure samples as well as exclusive workshop discount vouchers. Nikki Darling will also have a pop up store at the event for you to browse our safer sex and pleasure product range. 

    Loop has an extensive drinks menu and light meals and snacks will be available (please feel free to enjoy dinner before or even during the workshop - Loop staff are experts at stealth-delivering pizza right to your seat!)

    Note: There will be some opportunities for contributing to light whole-group discussion, but no required participation or interaction between participants.