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Archer Magazine #16

The Disabilities issue of Archer Magazine features articles exploring the impact of COVID-19 on people with disabilities, experiences of medical racism, trauma recovery through sex work and kink, and the future of disability justice.

Sex. Gender. Identity.

“It has been thrilling to commission writing about sex, sexuality and gender and its intersections with disabilities, Deafness, mental illness and neurodivergence. The mainstream world often stigmatises and judges those of us who are different, while Archer Magazine makes space for nuance, complexity, curiosity and a celebration of difference.” — Roz Bellamy, editor-in-chief, Archer Magazine #16

This issue features:

The cost of peer work by Is Hay
* Institutional abuse by Jane Rosengrave
* Loneliness and COVID-19 by Beau Windon
* Gender and madness by Nicole Lee
* Always being the ‘ally’ by Chloe Sargeant
* Perfection in elite sport by Isis Holt
* Finding freedom in sex work by Maybe Leigh
* Collective liberation by Julia Rose Bak
* Dissociative identity disorder by Patrick Gunasekera
* Reparenting by Rose Broadway
* Medical racism by Tuseday Atzinger
* Parenting and disability by Emily Dash
* Asexuality and disability by Giselle
* A bipolar diagnosis and a marriage by KJ
* Kink and mental health by Murray Turner-Jones

Plus images by Frances Bukosvky, Nicole Wheat and Nelly Skoufatoglou.


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