archer magazine #6


The SHE/HERS issue -- Archer Magazine #6

* Sex and motherhood by Carly Lorente 
* Trans in the public eye by Jordan Raskopouls 
* Sexual diversity and Aboriginal cultures by Alison Whittaker 
* Pain and sex by Phoebe Paterson de Heer 
* Sex and chronic fatigue syndrome by Jenny O'Keefe 
* Menstrual sex by Rosanna Stevens 
* Lesbian sex myths by Brigitte Lewis 
* Q&A with JD Samson

* Butch (Meg Allen) 
* The Pink Choice (Maika Elan) 
* QPOC fashion showcase

made in australia

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    4. Origin: Australia
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  • Archer Magazine is an award-winning print publication about sexuality, gender and identity. It is published twice-yearly in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on lesser-heard voices and the uniqueness of our experiences.

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