Archer Magazine #08

Archer Magazine looks at Spaces. Online space. Physical space. Bodily space. Emotional space. This issue has it all.

The Spaces Issue.

Archer Magazine deals with themes around sexuality, gender and identity, and Issue #8 is dedicated to all things space. Featuring writing from Tilly Lawless, Vincent Silk, Jaya Keany, Razia Zakary and more.


  • Accessibility Notes: English language, standard print
  • Materials: Paper
  • Packaging: Nil
  • Gender: Discusses gender but is not gendered
  • Volume: The sound of you nodding, laughing, crying, gasping
  • Size: 112 Pages
  • Weight: 379 g
  • Manufacturer: Archer
  • Designed: Australia
  • Manufactured: Australia
  • Points of Interest: Award winning since 2013. Limited back issues remain
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