Désirables Adori Massage Stones

Unique Massage Stones.

The Adori are handmade porcelain massage stones that are unique to Désirables. Designed to fit comfortably in either your left or right hand, the ergonomic design allows the massage stone to take the pressure, freeing your hands and joints from any pain or discomfort.  The Adori has a dual-finish - with a smooth glaze to massage with and a natural side to give the user better grip. The thoughtful design allows for longer, deeper and more pleasurable massage for both the giver and the receiver.

The Adori comes in three different designs which provide different type of pressure and target different muscles according to what you need. Each Adori set includes the three massage stones and a storage bag for safekeeping. This is a beautiful and practical set of porcelain massage stones that would also make a wonderful gift.

Storage Bag Included with Purchase100% Vegan100% Waterproof (Submersible)

    1. Size: Small (61 mm (2.4 in) total length, 53.3 mm (2.09 in) total width), Medium (68.6 mm (2.7 in) total length, 53.3 mm (2.09 in) total width), Large (73.6 mm (2.89 in) total length, 53.3 mm (2.09 in) total width)
    2. Materials: Porcelain
    3. Style: Firm, Gloss-finish/Natural-finish
    4. Volume: Silent
    5. Weight: Coming Soon
    6. Power Source: N/A
    7. Manufacturer: Désirables
    8. Origin: Canada
    9. Points of Interest: Adori Massage Stones comes with storage bag, informative booklet and authenticity certificate
    10. Manufacturer Warranty: Five Years
    11. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • Cleaning and Care coming soon

  • Manufacturer info coming soon