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FC2 Internal Condoms

A different kind of condom.

FC2 is a soft, transparent non-latex internal/vaginal condom made of nitrile polymer. It is 170 mm long (about the same length as an external/penile condom) with a flexible ring at each end. Also known as the Femidom, internal condoms are a great alternative barrier protection.

The FC2 is inserted prior to sexual intercourse (in a similar fashion to a menstrual cup) and provides protection against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS. The inner ring aids insertion and secures the device in place during intercourse, while the softer outer ring remains outside the body. 

100% Vegan100% Waterproof (Submersible)

    1. Size: 170 mm length (one size fits all)
    2. Materials: Nitrile Polymer
    3. Style: Very soft
    4. Weight: 44 gm
    5. Manufacturer: FHC
    6. Origin: United Kingdom
    7. Points of Interest: Each condom is designed for one use only. Instructions for use are printed on each Femidom pack. Please note: Whilst this is referred to and packaged as a 'female condom', Nikki Darling wishes to acknowledge that this product is suitable for anyone with a vagina, regardless of your sex or gender
    8. Manufacturer Warranty: 30 Days
    9. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • We know how exciting it is to get your brand new product, but please take a moment to inspect it for any manufacturing defects or faults before you get down.

    This is a barrier contraception or other sexual health product. This product is available at Nikki Darling because it is high-quality and considered “body-safe”. This means the ingredients and materials used are not likely to cause you harm or discomfort. Of course, not all bodies are the same and if you experience pain or discomfort, please discontinue use of this product immediately, and if you can, please let us know (your feedback is invaluable to us).

    Please enjoy these products responsibly. When finished using this product, be sure to safely dispose of it. To safely store this product, select a storage area that is out of harm’s way (being mindful of pets and children’s access to this storage space.

    Please note: Manufacturers may have specific cleaning and care instructions. Take the time to read any supporting material provided by the manufacturer and follow their instructions to ensure the product is protected under warranty.

  • Manufacturer info coming soon

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