Fun Factory

Fun Factory USB Magnetic Charger

- Universal USB design.

- Perfect for a replacement or spare.

- Use with any Fun Factory CLICK ’N’ CHARGE toy.

Need a charge?

There is nothing worse than misplacing your charger, right? Thankfully, Fun Factory makes their USB Magnetic Charger available for sale separately.

Bring an extra charger with you when you travel, replace that one you lost in the house move, or keep a spare where you need it and have one less thing to carry back and forth! 

The USB Magnetic Charger is a universal charger - because it isn't reliant on specific region powerpoint styles, you can use this with any regional adaptor, or charge directly through a USB charging point.

Adaptable, portable, truly universal. Let the fun begin again!

    1. Accessibility: Magnetic connection
    2. Materials: Metal, Rubber, Plastic
    3. Ingredients: N/A
    4. Packaging: Cardboard
    5. Gender: This product contains no gendered packaging, instructions or marketing
    6. Style: N/A
    7. Functions: N/A
    8. Run Time: N/A
    9. Charge Time: N/A
    10. Volume: Silent
    11. Size: Approx 300 mm length
    12. Weight: 15 g
    13. Power Source: USB
    14. Travel Lock: No
    15. Lubricant Compatibility: N/A
    16. Manufacturer: Fun Factory
    17. Designed: Germany
    18. Manufactured: Germany
    19. Points of Interest: Compatible with all Click and Charge toys
    20. Disposal: E-Waste Recycling
    21. Manufacturer Warranty:
    22. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • Don't get wet. Don't feed after midnight. Wait, that second part is just for Gremlins.

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