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je joue

  • A pelvic floor health 'weight training' kit, Je Joue's Ami is designed to suit all stages of pelvic floor health requirements. Coated in silky silicone, each of the three included Ami exercisers has a different shape and weight, allowing you to move up and down the set as your pelvic floor strength increases or decreases. You can practice Kegel exercises on your own by flexing and holding the PC muscle, but Kegel balls can help to focus those efforts more precisely. Kegel balls are weights that are inserted into the vagina – you contract your PC muscle to grip the ball and hold it in place.


    1. Size: Ami 1 - 47gm, Ami 2 - 78gm, Ami 3 - 106gm.
    2. Materials: Silicone, ABS plastic.
    3. Style: Soft/Firm.
    4. Volume: Silent.
    5. Manufacturer: Je Joue.
    6. Origin: Coming soon.
    7. Other details: Ami 1 is a large, soft and lightweight single ball, Ami 1 is the recommended starting point for new or returning Kegel exercisers. Ami 2 is a medium-sized double ball that’s still soft yet slightly heavier, Ami 2 is the next step if you want more of a challenge. Ami 3 is a small, hard and heavy double ball, this is the most advanced Ami for experienced users.
    8. Warranty: Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law.
  • Cleaning and Care coming soon.

  • Manufacturer info coming soon.

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