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JuJu is a reusable menstrual cup made right here in Australia from medical-grade silicone. It replaces tampons and pads, and can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time. With no strings or wings and a leak-free seal design, JuJu is perfect for use during exercise (including swimming), whilst travelling or just going about your daily business. Unlike some other cup brands, Juju is made from a soft, flexible silicone - which many folk find more comfortable to insert and wear. Unlike tampons, JuJu will not have a drying effect on your vagina so can be inserted before your period starts. With proper care, JuJu will last many years and save you hundreds of dollars.

Juju comes in four sizes, please check the size guide tab to determine which Juju is right for you.

    1. Size: Four models available - please refer to size guide tab
    2. Materials: Silicone
    3. Style: Flexible
    4. Manufacturer: Freedom Products
    5. Origin: Designed and manufactured in Australia
    6. Points of Interest: Waterproof, hypoallergenic, free from chlorine, fragrance, BPAs. Easy to clean and sterilise
    7. Manufacturer Warranty: 28 days
    8. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • We know it is exciting to get a new toy, but please clean this product prior to using it.

    This is a silicone product with no electronic components. Silicone is a body safe, nonporous material that is easy to clean and sterilise. Silicone is compatible with water-based lubricants, oil-based lubricants and some silicone-based lubricants (please always perform a patch test first).

    To clean this product, please use hot water and soap. Ensure that the tiny holes at the top of your JuJu are clear as they help form and release the seal. The holes can be cleaned by squirting water through them or carefully use a toothpick (discard after use) to remove any debris.

    To sterilise this product, please first clean it, then boil it for approximately 3 minutes in water. Ensure Juju is completely dry before returning it to storage. It is good practice to sterilise your toys between uses and between partners.

    To safely store Juju, keep in the supplied storage bag in a ventilated area; never keep in a plastic bag or airtight container as moisture cannot evaporate without airflow and your cup will not dry properly.

    Over time, you might notice some discolouration of your Juju. If this occurs you can cleanse your Juju with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

    If you notice any rips, tears or changes in the texture of your Juju, it’s time to replace it.

    Please note: Manufacturers may have specific cleaning and care instructions. Take the time to read any supporting material provided by the manufacturer and follow their instructions to ensure the product is protected under warranty.

  • JuJu is available in four models. 

    Whilst there are no hard and fast rules for selecting a model size, model selection is generally based on childbearing history. Many other factors such as anatomy, age and pelvic floor tone may also influence your cup size selection.

    Childbearing history, age, and cervical position

    The following is a guide to selecting a suitable model;








    People under 30 who have not given birth People over 30 or for people who have given birth People with a high cervix or long vaginal canal People with a low cervix or short virginal canal
    Capacity to holes (ml) 16 25 22 23
    Capacity to brim (ml)
    22 33 28 32
    Overall LxD (mm)
    65x40 69x46 78x40 50x48
    Cup Length (mm) 46 50 58 40

    This is only a guide. Many people who have had children will still be able to successfully use a Model 1, and vice versa. So, please also consider the other factors below in conjunction with childbearing history and age.

    Cervical position

    Your cervical position may also influence your selection of the model number and/or your ability to successfully use a menstrual cup. Your cervix may move at different stages of your cycle, so it’s a good idea to check your cervical position at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of your menstrual cycle to get a good understanding of your overall cervical position.

    To determine your cervical height; wash your hands, then insert your index finger into your vagina to locate your cervix. Your cervix is a bump, which feels a bit like the end of your nose, but is shaped like a donut. Thoroughly wash your hands.

    If you consistently feel your cervix sitting just inside the vaginal opening or when you have only inserted the tip of your finger up to your ‘first knuckle’ (or the bend in your finger just below your fingernail), you most likely have a low cervix and a Model 4 JuJu Cup may be the most suitable for you. The Model 4 JuJu Cup is better suited to shorter vaginal canals as it has a shorter body and stem when compared with other JuJu Models. Please only choose this model if you are sure you have a low cervix throughout your cycle as the removal of this cup may be more difficult if you have a normal to high cervix. In most cases, the Model 4 JuJu Cup is not recommended for young people or those who have not engaged in vaginal sexual activity.

    If you are unable to reach your cervix or need to insert your finger past the middle bend in your finger before you can feel your cervix, you most likely have a high cervix and may like to consider the Model 3 JuJu Cup. The Model 3 JuJu Cup has a longer body, which makes removal easier for people with a high cervix and longer vaginal canal.


    Some people experience a loss of pelvic floor tone due to hormonal changes and/or age. In this case, a Model 2 may be a preferred choice. A Model 4 should be considered if there is a loss of pelvic floor tone in conjunction with a low cervix. A Model 1 is recommended for young people, but a Model 3 is recommended for young people with a high cervix/long vaginal canal.

    Pelvic floor tone and exercise

    If you have good pelvic floor tone, practice regular Kegel exercises or other activities, such as Pilates, yoga or dance, you may wish to consider a Model 1 regardless of your childbearing history and age.

    If you have had corrective surgery, such as vaginoplasty or perineoplasty, you may want to consider a Model 1.

    A Model 3 is recommended for people who have good pelvic floor tone in conjunction with a high cervix.

    If you have lost some pelvic floor tone and have a low cervix, you may wish to consider a Model 4. This Model should only be chosen if you are confident with removing a menstrual cup and are sure you have a low cervix.


    If you have a petite or small build, you may wish to consider a Model 1 JuJu.

    If you have a larger build, you may wish to consider a Model 2 JuJu.

  • JuJu is manufactured by Freedom Products: a privately owned, environmentally conscious, Australian company which was founded in 2009. Juju’s core mission is to provide individuals with a healthier, greener and more cost effective alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Juju are the ONLY Australian manufacturer of TGA-approved, medical-grade silicone menstrual cups, and we love supporting quality, local manufacturers!

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