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Lubelights Lube Light

Mood lighting / lube lighting

If you're a lights off kinda lover, or are somewhere where good lighting just isn't an option, Lube Light has got you covered. Just unscrew the light cap and pour your favourite lube inside. When you’re ready to play, press on the cap and the hidden LED light turns on. Point it at your destination and get just the right amount in all the right places – every time.

Lube Light is also a great solution for people who like to keep their lube in an easy to reach spot, but want to keep things discreet - Lube Light looks like a sports bottle, not a sex product!

The LED light is soft and long-lasting, making this a handy bedside table or on-the-go solution to mood lighting. When you’re ready to cool things down, just press the cap closed. You’ve got this.

    1. Size: 5 oz Volume
    2. Materials: Plastic
    3. Style: Easy-grip
    4. Functions: On/Off
    5. Volume: Silent
    6. Weight: 
    7. Power Source: N/A
    8. Manufacturer: Lubelights
    9. Origin: USA
    10. Points of Interest: 8500 minutes of LED light
    11. Manufacturer Warranty: 30 Days
    12. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • Tired of messy sheets and slippery hands, Aaron and Erin decided to dedicate their time to creating Lube Light. Married and curious, they noticed something missing from the market, something no one had dreamed up before: the perfect lube dispenser with a light that keeps the heat of the moment front and center, or on all fours. Plenty of prototypes and hard work later, they created the world’s first illuminated lid system. Let’s keep playtime light, sex fun, and keep things slippery.

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