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Pure Plug 2.0


Pleasure 2.0.

The njoy Pure Plug 2.0 was created in response to customer requests for even more of a good thing. Inspired by the award winning design of it’s smaller kin, the Pure Plug 2.0 offers more of everything: size, weight, and of course, that njoy style and quality we’ve grown to love! The Pure Plugs combine a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-term comfort. The weighty steel adds a lovely sense of fullness and presence all day (and all of the night). Arriving in a satin-lined hinged presentation box for safe-keeping with a satin tray insert for added luxury, this makes a gorgeous gift for a lover, friend or for treating yourself. The plug itself is cast in glistening stainless steel and then hand-polished to a mirror shine - njoy toys are pure, smooth, completely body-safe and an absolute joy to use.


  • Accessibility Notes: Ergonomic, Hands-free
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Packaging: Fabric, Firm Card, Polystyrene
  • Gender: Gendered language in manual. Please note if you want manual removed before shipping
  • Style: Firm, Gloss
  • Volume: Silent
  • Size: 89 mm (3.5 in) total length, 51 mm (2 in) width at widest point
  • Weight: 600 g
  • Lubricant Compatibility: Water-Based, Oil-Based, Silicone
  • Manufacturer: njoy
  • Designed: USA
  • Manufactured: China
  • Points of Interest: Waterproof, Storage Case, Wearable
  • Disposal: General Waste, Re-home (donate or give to a mate)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: One Year.  Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • Cleaning and Care: Unscented soap and water or high quality toy cleaner. For more detailed cleaning advice see Care and Cleaning Guides