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satisfyer 1 next generation


Look, we weren't sure about the Satisfyer - until we tried it. What a game-changer! Strong, undulating pressure waves invite you to build and release, build and release, build and.. you get the idea. As the toy creates a vacuum around the head of the clitoris (or head of the penis or over nipples), it gently pulses and tugs creating a sensation like nothing else we know. The toy is light to hold, with a long, tapered handle. With 11 modes to choose from we are confident you'll find the sweet spot. Entirely waterproof, the pressure waves reach heightened levels of intensity when used under water, so it's perfect for the mermaid in your life, too! This battery-operated version of the Satisfyer is perfect for travelling, or for those who always forget to charge their toys up!

    1. Size: 16cm total length
    2. Materials: ABS plastic, silicone
    3. Functions: 11 preset modes
    4. Style: Strong, pressure wave stimulation
    5. Volume: Moderately loud, quieter when in contact with the body
    6. Power source: 2 x AAA batteries
    7. Manufacturer: Satisfyer
    8. Origin: Germany
    9. Other details: Waterproof
    10. Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one year warranty on any manufacturing faults or defects. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • We know it is exciting to get a new toy, but please clean this product prior to using it.

    This is a silicone and ABS plastic product with electronic components.

    Silicone is a body safe, nonporous material that is easy to clean and sterilise. Silicone is compatible with water-based lubricants, oil-based lubricants and some silicone-based lubricants (please always perform a patch test first). ABS plastic is a body safe, nonporous material that is easy to clean and sterilise. ABS plastic is compatible with all lubricants.

    To clean this toy, please use hot water and soap. Ensure the toy is well-rinsed and completely dry before returning it to storage.

    To safely store this toy, use a toy storage bag or the original packaging and select a storage area that is out of harm’s way (pets can mistake your sex toys as their toys!)

    Please note: Manufacturers may have specific cleaning and care instructions. Take the time to read any supporting material provided by the manufacturer and follow their instructions to ensure the product is protected under warranty.

  • Manufacturer info coming soon
  • Video coming soon

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