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smooth unscented shaving cream


If you shave, it can help to have a gentle, rash-free shave creme that will leave your skin feeling like the smooth wonder that you are: luxuriously soft, free from irritation. Sliquid Smooth is a great alternative to traditional soap and water or lanolin based shaving foams with irritating, drying ingredients. Each formula is blended with mango butter, shea butter, aloe vera, alfalfa, green tea extract and vitamin e for the ultimate silky smooth finish.

    1. Size: 125ml
    2. Ingredients: Purified H2O, Plant Cellulose, Cetyl & Stearyl Palmitate (derived from coconut oil), Mango Butter & Shea Butter, Cetrimonium Salts, Organic Extracts of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Alfalfa, Green Tea, Hibiscus, Essential Oil Fragrances, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid
    3. Manufacturer: Sliquid
    4. Origin: Formulated and manufactured in the US
    5. Points of Interest:Vegan. Lanolin-free, paraben-free, palm oil-free
    6. Manufacturer Warranty: N/A
    7. Nikki Darling wants you to know that you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund in accordance with Australian consumer law
  • Your new body product has been chosen because it is high-quality and considered “body-safe”. This means the ingredients used are not likely to cause you harm or discomfort. Of course, not all bodies are the same, and so not all bodies will react the same way. If you experience pain or discomfort, please discontinue use of this product immediately.

    When using this product, be sure to replace the cap/lid securely, and wipe up any spills immediately! Clean excess product off skin with soap and water, or your preferred body cleanser.

    Whilst these products are designed to be safe for the body, and some are even designed to be “kissable” or “lickable”, they are not designed to be ingested in large quantities. Please enjoy these products responsibly!

  • One of the most highly regarded brands in lubricants and intimate body products, Sliquid make exquisite water and silicone based blends. Sliquid formulas are completely body safe, pH balanced and vegan friendly, and always free from DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol & sulphates.
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Type: hygiene

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