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customer review | satisfyer pro 2

"I was as dubious as anyone else when I heard of this product. Orgasms in mere minutes, hands-free, okay sure, sounds like fun -- but I doubted it'd do exactly what it said on the box. I have never been more glad to be wrong. The best part about all of this is that it felt like no work at all to have an amazing orgasmic experience. No hand cramps, no moving the toy about, no stopping and starting. The only thing I did was increase the intensity with a small push of my thumb (and I only had it on intensity setting 6 -- I have no idea what 11 would be like!) All in all, an experience I've never had with a toy, and one worth having. I highly, highly recommend welcoming this lil' friend into your life." - Stace

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customer review | sliquid silk lubricant

"This has been my favourite lube for a while now. I love a good hybrid; all the wetness of a water-based, the slickness of a silicone-based and safe with your silicone toys. I do wish this was a little bit slicker and longer lasting but it's definitely the best hybrid I've tried." - Chelsea D

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