Your pelvic health is super important. Your pelvic floor muscles (or pubococcygeus) provide support for the entire pelvic region, and strong pelvic floor muscles are what we use to help control our bladder and bowel movements. They are also the muscles that contract during orgasm, and a strong pelvic floor can see an increase in function in all of these areas. 

Kegel balls or rods assist by providing feedback bodily feedback - this is useful both for learning how to do the exercises unassisted, or as an ongoing tool that can form part of your ongoing pelvic health routine. We also have a range of buffers designed for use during penetrative play that can help folk who need some assistance controlling the depth of penetration due to dyspareunia (painfulsex), vulvodynia or other conditions. 

Ohnut Three stack next to single ring | Nikki Darling Australia
Ohnut Ring Set $100.00
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Desirables Dalia Porcelain Dildo in Classic White | Nikki Darling Australia
Désirables Dalia $160.00
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Blush Novelties Wellness Four-Piece Dilator Kit with Packaging | Nikki Darling Australia
Wellness Dilator Kit $120.00
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Désirables Dalia Love Dust
Désirables Dalia Love Dust $175.00
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We-Vibe Bloom with Weighted Balls | Nikki Darling Australia
We-Vibe Bloom $218.00
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Desirables Dalia Porcelain Dildo in Limited Edition Marble | Nikki Darling Australia
Désirables Dalia Marble $180.00
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Fun Factory Smartball Uno
Fun Factory Smartball Uno $40.00
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