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On Being an Ally to Sex Workers

On Being an Ally to Sex Workers

September 07, 2018

Here at Nikki Darling, we support full decriminalisation of sex work. We do our best to signal boost sex workers' own words, because nobody knows what sex workers need better than sex workers. With that in mind, we encourage those of you who want to know how to be a better ally to sex workers in Australia (or anywhere!) to read this article from Gala Vanting over at Queen Victoria Women's Centre. It is the first of a two-part series.

Image Credit: https://www.patreon.com/galavanting
(image credit: patreon.com/galavanting)

"For many sex workers, sex work is just work; it’s not that complicated. I understand that it can be pretty tricky for those who are ‘not against’ us to intellectually, politically, and personally integrate all of the questions that sex work brings up in feminist dialogues. As a feminist and a sex worker, I’m here to help."

We think Gala really has a way with words. Her ability to cut through the bullshit and deliver you truth is sorely needed. If you agree, perhaps you'd like to check out Gala's Patreon where you can support her to continue her writing, education and activism. 

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