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April 27, 2016 1 min read

Hello Lovers,

Here at Nikki D HQ, we are counting down the days until Cyndi Darnell unleashes her new webinar into the world. The Desire Series is here to unlock some secrets, dispel some myths and create some understanding around all things desire and libido: 

Whether you are curious about desire, struggle with desire or are in relationship with someone who struggles with desire, this program is designed specifically to help you understand:
  • what desire is
  • common myths and misunderstandings about desire
  • what science tells us about desire
  • how desire and arousal work
  • why people experience desire differently
  • what activates desire
  • identifying your relationship with desire
  • working with  and communicating what you find
  • an introduction to managing desire discrepancy or mismatched libido (when your sex drives do not match)
  • plus a variety of exercises, reflections and practices to help you understand your desire and the desire of others.

We often speak with customers and workshop attendees who are struggling with desire in their intimate relationships and aren't sure how to understand their partner's needs or communicate their own. Thankfully, Cyndi is well-positioned to help us all become better emotional communicators and experience desire in more fulfilling ways. 

You can read more about the 3-part webinar series starting this weekend (available live and recorded - complete with worksheets and activities!) and register to join at cyndidarnell.com.

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