by Lauren Clair March 08, 2016

Maeve Marsden is a lady-lovin' lady, bad arse cabaret singer and writer. Recently, Maeve and her cabaret outfit Lady Sings It Better paired up with Claude to create this ridiculous, educational video. 

Writing on the need for greater sex education for LGBTI women, Maeve chatted to Lauren from Nikki Darling and other experts working in the field of sexual health and pleasure.

Did you know that according to a recent study, over 40% of lesbian and bisexual-identified women have never had an STI test? You can read more about this over on the ABC website

Maeve Marsden holding up kiwi fruits with latex gloves - still taken from Lady Sings It Better and Claude Educational Video | Nikki Darling Australia

"When you tell people you've spent the day fondling a watermelon, they tend to sit up and pay attention." - Maeve Marsden. 

Also, to help spread the good word about safer sex, Nikki Darling is sending out free Glyde Sheer Dams with every order for the rest of the month. We hope to increase awareness about the latex barriers you probably didn't learn about in school!

Feel free to ask us any questions about dams, gloves and lubricants and be sure to check out the great resources Maeve has listed at the bottom of her article too! 

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